Things I Bookmarked Today #2
October 13, 2018

While researching Helm I got distracted and started watching physical security videos...

Helm Chart Best Practices Guide
I've been spending a fair amount of time working with Kubernetes and Helm lately...primarily developing Helm charts. The documentation is actually pretty good and I found the best practices guide to be especially helpful.

Charts with different sets of values for each environment (helm/helm - Issue #2620)
This thread led to a bit of a lightbulb moment for me. One of the first issues I struggled with was managing environment specific values in my charts. It turns out it's as simple as creating another values file, specifying it with the -f flag when you install/upgrade the chart, and then the new values will override the values in the original values.yaml file.

The Search for the Perfect Door
This video triggered my inner geek. This guy is a "physical penetration tester" and demonstrates how seemingly secure doors, locks, hinges, etc. can be easily defeated.