Things I Bookmarked Today #1
August 06, 2018

I just kicked off a project where I need to design and build a public REST API. I understand the principles of RESTful web services but I need to dive deeper before putting my name on an API which other developers depend on. Here are some links I bookmarked during my first day of research.

What are good reads for designing APIs? - Hacker News
A Hacker News thread about designing APIs. I frequently start my technical research projects by searching "xxxx hacker news" because I generally trust the community and the responses are generally informative. The key word here is generally.

We need tool support for keyset pagination - Use the index, Luke
This was a random article about paging as it relates to API design. Most APIs I have used recently implement some sort of OFFSET behavior, which this author really doesn't like. I'm bookmarking this so I remember there are alternative approaches when I start thinking about paging in my own APIs.

Stripe Documentation
I recently implemented Stripe for subscription payments in Devour and I really like their API. The documentation and the API itself were just pleasant to work with. I plan on referencing it throughout the design process.